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Arborists are not tree doctors and the tree care they provide is inferior.

How to find a real Tree Expert.

Pest Control for trees. Palm tree care.

Tree Care and Tree Spraying around your home.
Tree care is not for homeowners.

Tree Care and Tree Spraying 
When customers are trying to purchase a service for tree care. The biggest mistake 
they make is not knowing what level of service to purchase. Often they go for the  
lease expensive option not knowing the level of service they purchase is not ade- 
Below is some information that will help. 
Spraying trees only once generally will not work. Most pesticide labels say to spray 
every 7 to 10 days until control is achieved.  
Ground Injection applications will often work. However, it is almost impossible to  
find someone who can do the work correctly. There are many factors that can be 
involved in tree care, making an application and doing it correctly often is difficult. 
Tree care using the ground injection method is almost impossible for large trees. 
Direct Injection is often the best method for good tree care. Trees should only be 
injected when it would be more costly to spray. Most spraying should generally be 
reserved for maintenance treatments, Not curative treatments. 
A tree Medics experience will help you to know what level of service to purchase. 
Many times in tree care purchasing to little service will not allow the tree an  
opportunity to recover. The customer is just setting himself up for spending more 
money at a later date. Remember, if the bill is to cheap, generally the level of  
service is not adequate. 
Tree care , tree spraying, tree fertilizing, insect control, provided for the Montgomery area.

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Certified Arborists are hard to 
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Montgomery, Texas


Tree Tops serves the following area: Montgomery, Lake Conroe, Cypress, The Woodlands, Cypress, 
TomBall,Montgomery County, Montgomery, Northern Harris County, Northwest Houston, North Houston, and  
Northeast Montgomery

Special situations are always considered.

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Licensed Arborists and Certified Arborist with over 20 years experience in the tree care field . Lawn and 
shrub care is all so offered. It is very difficult to find an actual tree Medic in the houston area.

Tree Care Montgomery Area

Tree Spraying - Dormant oil spraying in the winter, kills overwintering insects in your trees and shrubs. 
Deep Root Feeding - Maintains your tree's vigor . Nitrogen properly applied aids the tree roots and  
promotes growth and vigor. 
Natural Soil Amendments - Soil amendments improves a trees disease resistance. Soil improvements 
promote beneficial microorganisms for the tree. Better tree care is not just about applying chemicals. 
Impoving the soil will help your tree be healthier and more vigorous.

Expert Arborist, Professional arborist, Tree Care, Lawn care, Shrub care,Tree Medic

"The Shield"

Pest Control for Trees 
and Shrubs.

"The Shield" 
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For Trees and Shrubs

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Taking care of Trees is our business.

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3. How to check the pulse of your tree?

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Tree Tops Pest Control

Important information about Tree Care Service

"Serving Montgomery"

Proper Tree Diagnosis is essential.

Pest Control

Saving Sick Trees one Tree at a time.

The Certified Arborist serves the Montgomery metropolitan area.

Certified Arborist - Pest Control - Tree Specialist - Pest Control for Trees - Certified Arborists - Shrub Care 
Tree Maintenance - Tree Care - Palm Care - Arborist

Certified Arborist - Pest Control - Tree Care - Tree Specialist - Pest Control for Trees - Certified Arborists- Palm Care - Shrub Care 
Tree Service for the Care of Trees

Tree Care Services

Tree Care Services

Types of Tree We Service: 
Tree Care for Cypress Trees 
Tree Care for Live Oaks 
Tree Care for Red Oaks 
Tree Care for Maples 
Tree Care for Italian Cypress 
Tree Care for Palms 
Tree Care for Arizona Ash 
Tree Care for Bonsia 
Tree Care for Cactus 
Tree Care for Mesquite 
Tree Care for Pines


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"Call me and know who you are doing business with. 
Other companies will send out a Twenty year old Kid. 
They really don't have that much experience."

Call me and get someone with some experience.

Tree Tops Pest Control has served the Montgomery area for over 
20 years. We offer arborist licensed by the state of Texas, for 
all tree care services. Tree care for the Montgomery area often 
involves treatment for insect pests, many different kinds of 
diseases and appropriate soil ammendments for the adjustment 
of the Ph of the soil. Our arborist are also qualified tree Medics  
with training in four fields of science, entomology, forestry, 
horticulture and soil sciences. Many of the trees in the 
Montgomery area, are in decline from multiple pathogens that are  
hidden to the naked eye. Modifications to the soil are often  
needed to turn around declining trees. 
Tree Care by qualified arborists is often very difficult to find. Tree  
Tops has maintained a 99% success rate for many years. The reason 
for the high success rate is because of our professional diagnosis, 
proprietary treating procedures, and specialized tank mixes. High  
quality fertilization treatments and appropiate follow up are essential  
in turning around declining trees. One time treatments, most often 
will not work. A top quaility arborist and tree Medic will recommend 
timely follow up and common sense practices that will turn around 
declining and sick trees. Some trees simply cannot be saved!  
Our arborist will inform you so that you don't waste your money on 
trees that are to sick to keep around.  
Other services are offered in Shrub Care, Lawn Care, and Pest Control 
because the CA holds four licenses by The State of Texas , not just one 
as most Arborist hold. If you have hired other companies, but did 
not get good results , Give us a Call! Or better yet, Call us first and 
avoid the poor service all together.

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Call a tree Medic over a plain arborist, you will be glad you did.

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A Tree Service that specializes in the care of trees.