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Yes, Tree Tops Pest Control has a cure for pine bark beetles. You must 
use our exclusive treatment program!!. In order to save the tree from 
pine bark beetles my company must treat early. Often times the first tree 
the customer calls us about will be lost.

Southern Pine Bark Beetle 
I am a Tree Doctor and have been in business for over 20 years. I have not  
seen a boring insect that was good for any tree. Over the years, many 
people have asked me to save their trees from pine bark beetles. Most people 
just do not know what to do. Below is a good starting point. 
First let's talk about pine beetles in general. There are over 600 species 
of pine bark beetles in the United States. It is estimated they do over 1 billion 
dollars damage annually. The species that do the most damage are in the ips's 
family. They are able to fly. They are attracted to sick and weak trees. They 
are able and will kill a perfectly healthy pine tree. Pine bark beetles are able to 
kill every pine on your property. In fact, there is plenty of documented evidence  
that they are able to devaste entire forests. Many species of pine bark beetles 
are able to breed faster than roaches. Does this sound serious enough for you? 
Yes, it is possible to save a pine tree from the southern pine bark beetle. There 
are several steps that should be taken. The first step is to hire a qualified  
tree doctor to look at your trees. Arborists and Tree Doctors are not the 
same. In the State of Texas, most arborists have less than two weeks of  
classroom training. Tree Doctors spend all of their time diagnosing 
diseases and insect problems. The average arborist spend most of their time 
cutting,pruning, and removing trees. Hiring someone that works with  
diseases on a regular daily basis is important. Many books used by tree  
doctors are hundreds of pages in length. They are distinctly two different  
areas of expertise. 
Early insect detection by a qualified tree doctor is very important. In fact,  
early detection and treatment is essential to saving a tree. The second  
step is to reduce the stresses on a tree. Keeping trees out of stress and  
in good vigor is important for a pine trees. A weakened tree actually can attract 
pine bark beetles. A good tree doctor can determine the stresses that are affecting 
your trees. Tree stress reduction is vital for the health of all trees. The 
benefits are better resistance to disease and insects. 
Third, the proper treating method is essential; spraying trees for pine bark beetles 
will not work. The pine bark beetles are under the bark. If you can't get the  
chemical to the insect you are trying to control, it won't work. The second 
problem with chemical spraying is, chemicals will not last very long out doors. 
Chemical half-lives are dramatically shorten because of weather conditions. 
Sun and rain will reduce how long the insecticides last to only a few days at  
best. Pine bark beetles can be attacking the tree again in under two weeks. 
Tree Tops Pest Control is the sole local distributor for a product that is injected 
into the tree. Once the chemical is inside the tree, sunlight and rain have very  
little effect? The chemical is systemic and moves thru the entire tree, even  
under the bark. In order for this product to be effective, the chemical should be 
applied in the early stages of infestation. Trees, properly diagnosed and treated 
have a 99% success rate over a five-year period of time. The customer  
must follow Tree Tops regular maintenance recommendations.

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Quick Review

1. Pine bark beetles will attack all pine trees. 
2. Spraying for pine bark beetles is generally ineffective. 
3. One time spray treatments will not work. 
4. Pine bark beetles will generally attack the next closest pine tree. 
5. All pine trees on your property should be treated for pine bark beetles if you 
desire to keep them. 
6. It is less expensive to treat most pines than to take them down. Pine bark 
beetles will devast the looks of your property.

7. You will only save money by treating the pine for pine beetles. The home 
owner will only make a choice of either paying to remove the trees or paying 
a tree doctor to save the trees. Paying the tree doctor will generally save 
the homewner over 60% in savings.

Other companies do  
not have our treating 
Do not be  

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