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You are notified by mail. Tree Tops will 
arrive once a month to perform a  
different service.

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Lawn Care The Woodlands

100% Price Guarantee! If  
you can find the same program 
for less. Tree Tops will match  
that price. Service must be of  
equal quality.

If the weather ruins the 
job. We will do the work  
over for free.

Everybody is not the same. 
Regardless of what someone 
tells you. At Tree Tops you  
will always get a straight 
answer. One that is a solution 
to your problem.

Lawn Program

Tree Tops offers some of the best lawn 
care in the Houston area. Unlike other 
companies, Tree Tops offers the following 

* Timely Lawn Care Service 
* Prompt Follow-Up on your Lawn 
* Weather Warranty for the Lawn 
care treatment 
* Insect & Fungus Control for the 
Lawn care service 
* Our Work is Guaranteed 
on all Lawn care Treatments 
* Lawn Fertilizing at it's best 
* Excellent Green Up on your 
Lawn care 
* Top Quality Lawn care Fertilizers 
* Proper Abiotic Diagnosis for 
lawn care


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Call 281-704-5627

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Top quality service for lawn care, lawn fertilizing, lawn spraying and lawn fungus control.

Serving Conroe, The Woodlands, Tomball, Magnolia, and Northern Houston 
Spring, Spring Cypress, Conroe

Lawn care and shrub care in the 
Woodlands at is best.

All Lawn care treatments are 
not the same.

Find out why the other 
companies failed.

What is the difference in lawn care programs?

Many factors go into determining lawn care and treatment programs. Most customers 
don't care and don't understand the differences. They simply fire their company when 
something goes wrong or is not to their liking. Lawn fertilization or Lawn Fertilizing is 
a science that many take for granted.  
In order to hire the best company for the job, some understanding of some of the basic 
lawn care principles should be learned. It can save the customer a lot of hassles and  
give them a better lawn care program for the money.  
The first principle to understand is that you will get what you pay for. Cheap is not  
better. There are many scams out there all promising you a better lawn. Treatment 
can vary greatly as well as the type of chemicals used. Types of fertilizers also vary and  
can affect the look of the yard. Warranties vary from company to company and they 
are not all the same. Cheap only gets you cheap! Try to hire the most knowledgeable 
person you can. With Tree Tops you get 25 years of experience. (priceless) 
The second principle to understand is that all yards have different defects and short  
comings. Some defects are not correctible. Poor drainage is poor drainage and may  
contribute to fungus problems during the winter. All drainage problems can't be corrected 
with french drains. There are hundreds of different types of defects, a knowledgeable 
company will know what to do to give you the best outcome. 
Treatment for a good lawn care program will change as the year progreses. You may  
need a fertilizer in early spring and a chinch bug treatment in july. Hiring a treatment 
program for your yard that is flexible and can be modified to give you a better program  
as your lawn needs change is important. Hiring a company that offers only a mindless 
route lawn program may not be to your advantage. HIring a company that gives you 
a technician with just six months experience is a good way to get your yard burned up!

Tree Tops Pest Control offers a proven program designed for the soils in the 
Woodlands area. You will have a better program for the dollar that can be modified 
and changed as your yard changes. We zone in on the the difficult problems and  
diagnose them correctly so that you can have a better outcome. Get the problem 
solved correctly and avoid the hassle of having to call someone else. 
All Lawn treatments are not the same.

Call 281-704-5627

Serving: Spring , Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring Cypress, Magnolia

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Lawn Care in the Woodlands, TX

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Tree Tops Pest Control


Local is the way to Go!

Local is the way to Go!

Green lawn in The Woodlands, tx

Green lawn in The Woodlands, Texas

Hire someone with over  
20 years experience. 
Make a wise choice, 
Many companies hire 
people who can't 
even read a label.

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