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* Better Price 
* Better Pest Control for Trees and Shrubs 
* Less Time consuming 
* Season long control 
* More Cost Effective 
How many reasons do you need to call: 281-704-5627

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"The Shield"

"Pest Control For Trees and Shrubs in the Houston Area"

What is the Shield?

How does it work?

How Often is it applied?

Is it Cost Effective?

Does the "The Shield" come with a warranty?

Why do you need the "Shield" Pest Control?

Do other companies offer "The Shield"?

Does it work Better than a spray program?

List Of Trees and Shrubs that "The Shield" works with in  
the Houston area:

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"Every year I recieve horror stories from Potiential customers of how their Trees or Plants are dying. The story  
generally goes something like this: My tree put out all it leaves and then they started turning brown. I need help, 
Can you save my tree?" 
I generally tell people that I will do my best. I tell them about our 99% Success rate and then schedule an appointment. 
The fact is ,If the customer had been under a tree care program and was using the "The Shield" , I would never have 
recieved the call for help! Preventative maintenace is always better than trying the save the tree at the last moment."

"Below are dead and dying trees.

The Shield is a program which controls the most dangerrous killers of trees, Insects. All most all 
major problems start with insect problems of some sort. Control the insects and you stop the  
problem before it even gets started.

The Shield is a special insecticide, applied is a very special way. Our method of application is only  
known by Tree Tops Pest control technicians. Other companies do not know our methodology.

The product is applied once each year. For the effective control of Insects.

Yes, The Shield is very cost effective. It generally cost's about the same for any full service Lawn  
care provided by any other company. In fact no lawn care company even provides this service.

Yes, "The Shield" comes with a work warranty that gives you season long control. The season ends  
December 1st of each year! Your next years treatment will need to be done , starting in January of 
the next year.

No, other companies do not and will not be able to offer "The Shield" . This treatment is exclusive 
to Tree Top Pest Control.

Yes, "The Shield" is a more effective form of pest control program because it is systemic.  
It costs about the same as a regular pest control program, So why not get the better  

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The Tree to the left, is an example of a tree taken care by Tree Tops Pest Control. 
The tree was started from a small 2" inch caliper tree. This picture represents 
about five years growth. The tree is above 24' feet in height.

Lace Bugs



Adult Borer


Borer Exit Hole

Borer larve


Red Palm Mite

Note: "The Shield" will not solve all insect or tree care problems. Consult with you tree doctor to  
determine what is best for your situation.

Healty Pine Raised by 
Tree Tops Pest Control

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Live Oak tree 
Red Oak Tree 
Bay Tree 
Indian Cherry Tree 
Red Drummon Maple Tree 
Acacia Trees 
Green Ash Tree 
White Ash Tree 
Baldcypress Tree 
Montezuma Tree 
Shumard Red Oak 
Bur Oak Tree 
River Birch Tree 
" Drake Elm" Tree 
Mexican Sycamore Tree 
Chinese Pistache Tree 
Magnolia Trees 
Redbud Trees 
Dogwood Tree 
Orchid Tree 
Texas Mountain Laurel Tree 
CrapeMyrtle Tree 
Desert Willow Tree 
Fringe Tree 
American Smoke Tree 
Pine Tree 
Water Oak 
Red Tip Flotinas 

There are probably many more species 
that the program will work with. These 
trees are tested and known to work!

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