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7 Reasons to use tree injection technology 
Many companies are trying to offer tree injections. Often times the companies are ill trained and charge customers 
a lot of money for this service. The buyer is often unaware that other less expensive means may do the same level 
of control. There are times when this type of service is legitimate. There are times when tree injections are very  
beneficial. However, most of the time this type of service is inappropiately applied. 
The first reason to use tree injection technology is when you have a qualified person recommend this type of  
procedure. Who is qualified one may ask? Qualified people are often difficult to find. Simply because a company 
has the equipment and knows how to use it is not enough. The person needs to understand the biology of trees 
differences in types of injections, differences in the chemicals being used , needs to be able to properly diagnose  
the tree, needs to be able to identify abiotic disorders, needs to have many years of experience with entomology, 
soil sciences, and horticultural practices, and have an understand of forestry. Most companies know little more 
than how to cut, prune, and kill. Ninty-nine percent of most arborists have less than two weeks of class room  
training. Most people are totally unaware of these facts.  
The second reason to use tree injections technology is when other less expensive methods will not work. Often, 
times disease or pest infestations are so far along, that trying to control the problem may require many trips . 
Excessive labor drives the cost of treatment to untienable hieghts. It is always best to treat a tree problem in 
its infancy, rather that let the problem get totally out of control. Treating a tree with a couple hundred aphids is always 
better than letting the number get to 50,000 or more.  
The third reason to us tree injection is when you are dealing with a disease that is internal to the tree. Many leaf spot 
diseases are primarily topical to the leaf. Other disease's can move from the leaf to the internal parts of the tree. Having  
someone that actually understands to mode of action of the disease can be very important. Disease indentification is  
paramount. A tree doctor is only good as the number of diseases or problems that he can identify.  
The fourth reason use tree injection is when chemical longevity may be compromised . If the chemical will not last 
long enough to accomplish a particular task, tree injection may be recommended. Many chemicals may break down 
prematurely due to half life of the chemical, sunlight , humidity and temperture. Generally speaking most tree injections 
last longer that other treatment methods. 
The Fifth reason to use tree injections may be time contraints. The customer my be in a hurry to get the plant to look 
its best because of possible social events on their property, or they my plan on selling the home within a year and they 
want their property showing at it best. 
The sixth reason to use tree injection is when other methods simply will not work. I get calls every year where customers 
hired someone and the method the other company chose simply did'nt work. Hiring someone that can't get the job done 
is a total waste of money, even if they are cheaper. 
The last reason to use tree injection technology is that it has more controls over the amount of chemicals in your yard. 
Spraying large trees can dump 50 gallons of chemical on your yard when tree injections may only use a few ounces. The 
chemical is immediately contained in the tree instead of all over everything else. It is a safer methodology. 
Many people like the greater degree of chemical control with the chemical inside the plant rather than all over the yard.