Freedom Fellowship Church Magnolia Texas Complaint.





Fed up! Fed Up! Fed Up!

I have been a minister for 40 years. I did not  
come to Freedom Fellowship to be abused, 
personally violated, dishonored, disrespected  
or spiritually bullied. I did not come to Freedom 
Fellowship to be walked all over. I believe the 
above behaviors are unchrist like in any and all  
of there forms. I am not at Freedom Fellowship 
today because of the behavior that I have  
personally experienced at Freedom Fellowship. 
Freedom Fellowship does not win when they 
run people off. 
Assault is against the Law in the State of Texas. 
"These elders and church leaders have done 
nothing about it. Which tells you something 
about their character. 
Not one person has called to apologize!! 
Not One!! 

What I am doing by this public letter is resisting evil.

What happened to me was a form of assault. I have been to the sheriff's office and 
that is what they said it was. It is against the Law in the State of Texas to 
violate the personal space of another individual with out their permission. 
I have already tried other scriptural remedies and I am tired of beating my head  
against a brick wall. This letter hopefully will bring the problem before the church. 
When John makes arguments and causes another brother grief over Christianity 
101 doctrines, it was time to conclude that I would have to leave.  
I am not the only brother or sister that has had this same thing done to them. Many brothers  
and sisters have left over the last five years. Start counting them on your hands. 
Please don't think that they left to start other works, most left because of sheer  
frustration. I would to God that these absence brothers and sisters left because  
they had matured to the point that they could start new works. 
During the last five years, I have found myself trying to be a peacemaker on several  
The church has many members which have experienced the same nonsense and  
have been treated poorly at other churchs as well as at Freedom Fellowship. Many 
of you, I have stood for and would do again.  
If you have missed me and Linda and wonder what truly happed, this does not  
surprise me at all. I am quiet sure that John and Kieth really don't want to talk about  
their behavior to anyone. It would not surprise me, to find that I am being slandered.

Today's churchs are so far away from the "model of the early New Testament Church"  
that it does Christ a disservice. 
I can easily defend my position scripturally. I have nothing to apologize for 
because I am not the one that violated anyone. 
If Kieth had been an employee of my company and had behaved toward a  
customer in that manner, I would have fired him on the spot.

I personally have given thousands of dollars to this church and it's members. 
I would have given more but, I am not a wealthy man. God has blessed me 
with a good job that I have used to help others when I could and my job 
has supported the ministry to which I have been called. While the ministry 
that I have been called to has been a small ministry, I know that I have been  
able to bless thousands over the years. I absolutely expect a public apology from  
those involved.  
At this point in time, I regret that I can no longer recommend Freedom Fellowship 
to anyone. I would not want any one to experience what I did. John Parks should 
be ashamed of himself. John Parks is his own worst enemy. It is not freedom when 
one man dictates to everyone one else what is right and proper. This is not 
the New Testament. All of you have seen me for over five years. You have never seen 
me do anything that was improper behavior in a Church. I had one elder tell me that  
I did not have the right to minister in my own home church. I don' t believe that was 
new testament thinking at all. I am in right standing with all of my brothers. This is nothing 
more than a hatchet job on my character. Please find something that I have done that  
was truly wrong.  
David Black asked me to minister in this church.

Linda and Philip 
God always defends me and he always will. According to your will 

Subject: Freedom Fellowship Church , Magnolia, TX

Subject: Freedom Fellowship Church , Magnolia, TX

Freedom Fellowship Church is not as free as you think. 
Railroading your brother in christ is nothing but wicked.

I love the people at Freedom Fellowship Church. I am not 
mad at any of you. I am simply doing the job that God has 
called me to do. Please pray for me. 
Thank You.

Freedom Fellowship leaders need to do a lot more study on Scriptural New Testament Life.

Freedom Fellowship used to be a place of great joy. Now Freedom Fellowship is just a bad memory.

Assault in any of its legalling defined  
Forms is wrong! It is against the Law!!

"To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not it is sin."

Philip Hughes has done no evil to anyone!

Until, this matter is properly resolved, I do not recommend Freedom Fellowship to anyone.  
If they will bully me don't think that you or your children or safe. Dictatorial fellowships are often  
hidden behind the scenes. Don't give them your money! It is the safest way to tell them that you  
will not tolerate this type of behavior.

The Sheriff's Department for this County is 936-760-5800. 
Talk to Officer Rick Meredith!

I will be more than happy to get the Sheriff to come and explain it to the congregation. 

Kieth Taliford and John Parks should be fired as well as any elder who thinks that assault is alright.

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If anyone would like to contact me, Please call and leave your name and number 
at my company. Simply say you would like me to call. 

Scape Goat Theology

Don't blame me . I did not start it. John Did! 
I am simply defending myself from assault and 

I am also looking for witnesses. I am looking for similar complaints from other people in the past. 
I am also trying to find other people who were done a similar way.  
Some of this abuse may have taken place behind closed doors.I need their names 
and Phone numbers. If you want to help stop bulling in the church? Please give me the help  
I need. Any information you give me will be used to stop future abuse by church leaders.

This is Christ's church not John's.